Our Story

Having been inspired by the various tester meetups happening all across the country, been a regular(ish) at #BrummieTesterMeetup, and after many Midlands based testers expressed interest in such a meetup much local, Ranjit started the #CovTestersMeetup in 2015 with brilliant support from Raji, Simon and many other testers!

Following our venue shift from Coventry to Solihull in 2016, Raji joined as a co-organizer and co-host and helped make #CovTestersMeetup a bigger success (the food she orders for the meetup may also have been a contributing factor!)

With testers and developers travelling far and wide to attend the meetup, it was only fair for us to rename ourselves “Midlands Testers”.

This year, we are taking our meetup across various venues across Midlands – to allow more attendees to come and see for themselves what we are about; also allow us to know what our attendees want from a meetup like ours. So far we’ve been in Solihull, Birmingham and Coventry and have had many organisations show an interest in hosting us.


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