February #MidsTest – “Life can be testing”

For second month in a row, we had yet another first timer, James Fairclough as our featured presenter. James’ talk was titled “Life can be testing” – an experience report of sorts – using skills and techniques gained while testing software in workplace – outside of workplace.

With a large participation anticipated and an interactive session planned, this was an eagerly anticipated event.

Having suitably refreshed in the bar area by our sponsors for the evening, Woodrow Mercer, the participants made their way for the session where James took to stage:


Whilst this was James’ first time presenting, his confidence and ease with which he began proved otherwise.


Topics covered included discussions on Black box thinking, reflections on failures that were boon in disguise, Selenium hacks and even the possibility of death by pigeons!


The topic covered gave plenty food for thought and was apparent by the active participation from the attendees…

img_20170208_193022img_20170208_192448 img_20170208_191247Before wrapping up, James shared details of his slack channel where those interested could discuss or share their ideas and experiences based on the ideas discussed in his talk.


Finally, there was a little matter of networking and food to attend to which provided our attendees not just opportunities to discuss in person the day’s topic, but also to catch up with other attendees or even discuss job opportunities with our sponsor Matt Drinkwater from Woodrow Mercer!

Slides from James’ presentation are available here.

Lee Marshall (@nu_fenix), James’ work colleague has a detailed blog post/report about this talk here.

If you attended this meetup and have any comments or have a write up of this session, we would love to hear from you!

Why not join us for our next event – a-not-to-be-missed-masterclass from Santhosh Tuppad (@santhoshst) on 28th March? You might want to RSVP here!


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