Inaugural #MidsTest meetup – January 2017

Our first #MidsTest meetup was held on 11th January with a new speaker – Jyothi Balusu starting us off with her hands-on demo / talk “Introduction to Selenium Webdriver using Java”.

Matt Drinkwater, from our most generous host Woodrow Mercer – was unable to attend, but was very kind enough to arrange for the food and drink beforehand for a nearly full house attendees.

A number of testers who were unable to attend had requested we record the session; We did the next best thing – broadcasted the session live via Periscope – with our organiser Ranjit on the camera duties – and captured sitting rather awkwardly here by our hostess, Raji!

The talk started off with a confirmation and a walk through of install pre-requisites, setting up of the environments and a quick summary of Selenium’s capability.

Jyothi then demonstrated Firebug and Firepath – a couple of Firefox tools – and demonstrated easy ways of identifying web elements and generate xPath using these tools. The techniques of identifying XPaths – both absolute and relative were them employed on a demo wordpress website to allow attendees gain confidence. Jyothi also showed different ways in which the elements could be accessed – typically by means of class.

This was followed by a quick overview of the WebDriver and the implementation of a simple code of logging into the demo website using a script implementing code to invoke web elements using XPath.

Finally, Jyothi wrote a JUnit equivalent of the above example whilst also covering the different annotations that are invoked during execution of the JUnit script.

A keen interest in the session meant it overran its course, but quite a few attendees got their questions answered.

Following the session, the attendees were briefed about upcoming testing events and conferences and a confirmation of the next #MidsTest meetup; This led us nicely into yet another important agenda for the evening – that of food. This gave the hosts a good chance to catch up individual attendees over the Mezze platter, pizzas, salads, spicy wedges which did not last long. Sorry no pics of the empty plates here!

Testers of varied experience, a PhD student, a Programmer, a recruiter and even a college student looking to get into testing were our attendees!

The stream / recording of the main talk can be found here (or below) and the slides here.


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