Meetup Summary – May 2016 edition

May edition of #CovTestersMeetup was held on 26th May.

Our sponsors – Matt Drinkwater from Woodrow Mercer and their new recruit Natalie Brown were kind enough to spread the word around on the Midland Testing Forum – which got in few new faces, a couple of them who never knew such a thing existed!

There were two talks planned : one by the first timer, Venkat Natraj (aka @rajucvv) and the other by Vernon Richards (aka @TesterFromLeic)

Venkat has been with #CovTestersMeetup since its inception back in 2015 and has been a loyal follower/supporter and an active participant of the #CovTestersMeetup. For reasons unknown, #CovTestersMeetup never had him as a speaker. But as they say – it is better late than never!

Vernon on the other hand, has been around a while – to say the least. In #CovTestersMeetup terms, he is a veteran of many a meetups – although he has been to one or two #CovTestersMeetups, we only managed to pursuade him into doing a talk this month. That he took his talk seriously was very evident!

Venkat’s talk was titled “Testing Mobile Applications” – a vast subject in itself so convincing him to do a 30 min talk with Q&A was always going to be a difficult task to achieve. Venkat decided to do the next best thing: give a brief overview of what all was involved in testing of mobile applications and briefly explained

  • how the mobility came to the phones
  • the domains mobility is serving and is being used
  • the ecosystem that testers have to deal with and
  • the challenges testers face when testing mobile applications

Venkat during his Talk

Venkat has been testing mobile application for just over 3 years and can be reached here.

Following a short break to refresh, topping up our drinks over some nibbles, we were back for Vernon’s talk that was perhaps more complicated (or was it more complex) of the two – “A Testers perspective on Complexity and Cynefin”.

In his talk, Vernon introduced the Cynefin (pronounced ‘ku-neh-vin’) Framework that developed by David Snowden. With then help of a flip-chart Vernon explained how this framework was not a categorisation tool, but instead a framework that helped in assessing the situation on hand.

Vernon then explained the 5 domains that make up this framework and went on to cite some examples on how these would assist a tester in being effective in different situations.

Vernon’s talk did trigger some healthy discussion and perhaps raised a whole new set of questions for many who attended.

The testing community has been talking about this for some time, and Vernon did a splendid job of spreading awareness of this in making testers more aware, mature and valuable – so thank you for that, Vernon!

Before we concluded the evening, more networking over delicious pursued; all courtesy of our wonderful sponsors – Woodrow Mercer – so thank you once, again to Matt Drinkwater and Natalie Brown for this. We look forward to your continued support.

Do spread the word around about this event when we will have new speakers talking about more interesting things and happenings within the testing community.

We look forward to meeting you at the next #CovTestersMeetup which is on June 22nd – RSVP here!


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